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One on One Training Courses:

Learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and safe gun handling in small groups or one on one privates. Choose from advanced training or introduction to basic firearms. Families, friends and special groups are welcome.  - learn more >

Live Fire Training Course:

Rifle One Basic - Learn how to sight in a rifle and the basic safe use of your rifle. Training in this 4 hour event includes time in the classroom and live firing on the range.
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Rifle One Fundamentals  - New to the AR  or rifle platform and ready to learn the next steps? This 2 day, 8 hour course will teach you the fundamentals and intermediate to advanced techniques in rifle function, marksmanship, loading, moving while shooting, and engaging up close targets. This course is limited to 10 students
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 Rifle One Advanced  - This 2 day, 8 hour course will combine rifle and pistol to challenge your skills
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Rifle One Advanced 2 - This 2 day, 8 hour course will combine rifle, pistol and low light techniques - 
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Defensive Handgun Fundamentals - 4 hour course in  Basic & Intermediate  pistol manipulation
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Defensive Handgun Advanced - 4 hour course in Advanced  pistol manipulation and movement
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Mens and Womans League Events:

Ladies Shooting League is designed to support women who are new to firearms and those with experience. LSL fosters a community of support, friendship and safety by offering a challenging and dynamic environment exploreing the fun and excitement of shooting, firearms, and self defense practices. 
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Trigger Masters League is designed for men with limited experience and those with advanced skills with firearms. TML creates an opportunity for competition, learning, friendship and safety by offering both educational trainings and challenging dynamic events to test skills and build confidence. 
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NRA Training - Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, RSO and more. Basic Courses for Instructor Candidates.
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FT3 Senior Instructor Michael Hernandez is an NRA Certified Instructor in:
Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home (CCW) and a Chief Range Safety Officer.
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